Silver Editions

Sheffield Sterling Silver Cutlery

Sheffield Sterling Silver Cutlery

Silver Editions Sterling Silver Cutlery is made in Sheffield England. Each piece is handfinished and carries the Sheffield Assay Office Hallmark. All the table and dessert knives have forged blades. Choose from 7 popular patterns. Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.

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Sterling Silver Fish Fork

Ref: SS51505*

Retail price:£170.00

Direct price:£139.00

Sterling Silver Dessert Fork

Ref: SS51506*

Retail price:£207.00

Direct price:£175.00

Sterling Silver Table Fork

Ref: SS51507*

Retail price:£294.00

Direct price:£235.00

Sterling Silver Table Knife

Ref: SS51508*

Retail price:£130.00

Direct price:£110.00

Sterling Silver Dessert Knife

Ref: SS51509*

Retail price:£120.00

Direct price:£95.00

Sterling Silver Soup Spoon

Ref: SS51510*

Retail price:£198.00

Direct price:£159.00

Sterling Silver Soup Spoon

Ref: ss51511*

Retail price:£235.00

Direct price:£189.00

Sterling Silver Dessert Spoon

Ref: SS51512*

Retail price:£220.00

Direct price:£175.00

Sterling Silver Teaspoon

Ref: SS51513*

Retail price:£119.00

Direct price:£95.00

Sterling Silver Coffee Spoon

Ref: SS51514*

Retail price:£89.00

Direct price:£69.00

Sterling Silver Table Spoon

Ref: SS51515*

Retail price:£320.00

Direct price:£255.00