Silver Editions

Silverplated Christmas Decorations

Silverplated Christmas Decorations

Available in sets of SIX these unique and exclusive silverplated hanging ornaments are supplied with their own individual Silver Editions pouches which are packed into a larger velvet sack,

Contains: Christmas Pudding (dia 3.5cm), Snowflake 1 (dia 4.5cm), Reindeer (w 6cm), Christmas Tree (h 5cm), Snowflake 2 (dia 4.5cm) and Sleigh (l 4cm.)

Buy our value set of 12 decorations ( 2 sets) and save an extra £9

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Silverplated Christmas Decorations Set of 6

Ref: SP50100/E.

Retail price:£69.00

Sale price:£39.00

Value set of 12 Decorations

Ref: SP50100/E2

Retail price:£118.00

Sale price:£69.00